Newsletter 006 - Oct 2023

Oct 31st 2023

Hi everyone! 👋 

Welcome to the October edition of my newsletter!

Last month’s big news was that my course on Docker has now been released! (you can find out more about it below). And this month’s big news announcement is that our next .NET Oxford event will be a .NET 8 launch event! And, wait for it… it’ll be hosted at the William’s F1 Experience Centre! 🤯 One of our long-term members, Matt Davidson, is a Principal Software Engineer at Williams, and has kindly arranged for us to host the event there! And it’s a seriously amazing venue! This is going to be GOOD! 🏎️

I’ll be doing a talk on what’s new in Blazor; Nick Chapsas will be doing live demos on something new that I’m not allowed to talk about yet as it’s under NDA! (it’s pretty awesome though!); Stuart Lang will be doing a talk on C#12; plus a few other talks too!

If you’re within commutable distance, then it would be great to see you there!…

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The Podcast 🎙

There were two episodes published this month - the first with Jamie Taylor, the host of The Modern .NET Show (formally the .NET Core podcast) - and the second with Nick Chapsas to talk about his Dometrain teaching platform…

I also recorded another episode with Valentina Cupać where we chatted about Hexagonal Architecture. This’ll be the next one to come out, probably next week…

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TrackJS - New Podcast Sponsor!

Also, I’d like to give a massive thank you to our new sponsor, TrackJS for sponsoring both of the above episodes! 🙏

TrackJS makes finding and fixing client-side errors simple - automatically detecting bugs on your website and giving you a clear view of how the user got to the error.

Dometrain Courses

My Docker course continues to sell, and it’s always very exciting when emails land in my inbox for each sale! I’ve now started planning out my next course which will be on Kubernetes, and is planned to be out early next year.

.NET Oxford

Not much to add here that I didn’t say at the start of this email! Very exciting to be hosting it at Williams Racing! And having Nick Chapsas doing a talk there will be awesome!

YouTube Channel

I’m afraid I haven’t had the chance to create any YouTube videos this month. But just in case you missed them - here are my two most recent ones which are all about the awesome JetBrains Rider!…

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DDD East Midlands

The main event I attended in October was the DDD East Midlands conference, where I did a short talk on “Git under the covers”, as well as taking part as a mentor in a Friday-evening “Speed Mentoring” event there - which was great fun!

A huge congrats to Jess Brentnall and the DDDEM team for organising such an awesome event!

And a big thanks to Mia Gordon for arranging and organising the speed mentoring event that was on the evening before. I haven’t done (or even heard of) ‘speed mentoring before’ - was such a great idea. I’ll be recording a podcast episode with Mia where we’ll be chatting about it.

News items and dev picks

Here are my dev picks this month…

Dev Comic pick of the month

I’m really sorry for the bad language in this month’s dev comic pick - but it really cracked me up, so had to go with this as my pick. You can blame Adam Storr for sending it to me! 🤣


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