Newsletter 007 - Nov 2023

Nov 30st 2023

Hi everyone! 👋 

Welcome to the November edition of my newsletter!

As I write this, we’ve just had our big .NET Oxford .NET 8 event at the William’s F1 Experience Centre! And WOW, what an amazing event it was! 🔥 A massive thank you to the Williams teams and Matt Davidson (one of our regulars who is a dev there) for making this possible! 🙏

Also a massive thank you to the speakers - Nick Chapsas, Stuart Lang, James World, and Matt Davidson. I did a talk too, but feels weird including myself on that thank-you list! 😆

Thanks to the other organiser Matt Nield, and also Jamie Taylor (host of the Modern .NET Show) for helping compering.

And last, but certainly not least - a huge thank you to the photographers! Nick Darlow, John Parkin, and Richard Baldwin! (see their photos below)

Nick’s photos:

John’s photos:

Richard’s photos:

(coming soon - I’ll update the web version of this newsletter once I have them)

The Podcast 🎙

There were two new episodes published this month - the first with Valentina Cupać where we chatted about Hexagonal Architecture…

And in the second episode, I was joined by Scott Hunter to talk about the .NET Conf announcements with .NET 8! Because I’d already signed an NDA as part of my Microsoft MVP award - that meant I was fortunate enough to be able to record prior to the event and discuss things that weren’t yet public knowledge. Which meant that I could edit the episode beforehand and release during the conference itself - which was amazing! Obviously, the big item that was secret, which now isn’t - is .NET Aspire!

I also recorded three episodes which haven’t yet been published…

One with Shahid Iqbal, where we chatted about Platform Engineering and Pulumi. Sadly, I totally forgot to take a photo/screengrab for this recording, so apologies for the missing ‘cheesy-grin’ photo for this one! 🤦‍♂️

Another episode I recorded was with Mia Gordon, where we chatted about speed mentoring! I was invited to a speed mentoring event she organised last month before the DDD conference, and it was such an interesting idea that I thought it would make a great podcast episode!

And the last recording this month was with Gary Ewan Park, where we chatted about Chocolatey, and what it’s been like developing it.

An upcoming planned recording for December is with the GitKraken team, discussing what it’s like to develop a Git client.

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Also, remember that we have a Discord community for the podcast!…
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TrackJS - Podcast Sponsor!

Also, I’d like to give a massive thank you to our sponsor, TrackJS for sponsoring the podcast! 🙏

TrackJS makes finding and fixing client-side errors simple - automatically detecting bugs on your website and giving you a clear view of how the user got to the error.

Dometrain Courses

Want to learn Docker? My Docker course will teach you everything you need to know! From what containers and images are; to how to build your own; to security and networking; docker-compose; and much more! I’ve also now started planning my next course which will be on Kubernetes, and is planned to be out early next year.

YouTube Channel

I’m afraid it’s been another month without any new YouTube videos. I just haven’t had the time given all the other things. But here are my two most recent ones which are all about the awesome JetBrains Rider!…

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News items and dev picks

Here are my dev picks this month…

  • .NET Conf 2023! - Obviously, the big one was that Microsoft had their annual .NET Conf, which meant the release of .NET 8! The videos can be found here.

  • .NET Aspire! - Whilst most dotnet stuff is developed in the option - this one was kept secret until announced at .NET Conf. If it takes off - it’s pretty huge for dotnet development moving forward! Rather than me trying to explain it here - go check out Nick Chapsas’s video where he demos it.

  • Aspirate - Aspire generates manifest files, which different hosting solutions can use to deploy Aspire solutions. Aspirate is an open-source project designed to do just that for Kubernetes.

  • Advent of Code! - Each December, Eric Wastl releases 25 programming puzzles over the first 25 days of December. This has become quite a big thing - with lots of developers getting involved and sharing their solutions.

  • LINQPad 8 now available - Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge LINQPad fan. Want to learn more about it, check out my video about it here. Joe has now released version 8 which has, you guessed it, .NET 8 support!

Dev Comic pick of the month

Very relatable 😆 

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