Newsletter 009 - Jan 2024

Jan 31st 2024

Hi everyone! 👋 

I hope you’re all well and have had a great January! My main focus for the month has been on the Kubernetes course. I’ve taken time off my main client work to focus on it. It’s progressing well, and hopefully, it’ll be complete in the next week or so! I’ll send out an email with details when it’s available.

If you’re interested in learning about Kubernetes and want to get the course - remember that knowledge of Docker, images, and containers is a pre-requisite. If you’re new to containers - then check out my course, From Zero to Hero: Docker for Developers first, which I created last year.

The Podcast 🎙

There was just one episode released this month…

If you’re interested in hearing more about the awesome GitKraken client, then go check it out. I chatted with Justin and Eric about its features and what it’s been like developing it.

I also recorded an episode with James Eastham, where we chatted about .NET in AWS and serverless. Also, a bit of Rust and Kubernetes chat was thrown in for good measure! This will be out at some point in Feb.

And lastly - I was honoured to be joined by Scott Hunter, Mads Torgersen, and Dan Roth! All in the same episode! I had serious imposter syndrome in that call! 😂 Was an amazing conversation though! We chatted about Blazor, C#12 interceptors, C#13, C#36 (you have to listen 😉), AOT, Stephen Toub's performance blog posts, and more! I can’t wait to publish it - it should be out in about a week after this newsletter goes out. This one’s going to be popular!

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Also, remember that we have a Discord community for the podcast!…

Podcast Discord community

TrackJS - Podcast Sponsor!

Also, I’d like to give a massive thank you to our sponsor, TrackJS for sponsoring the podcast! 🙏

TrackJS makes finding and fixing client-side errors simple - automatically detecting bugs on your website and giving you a clear view of how the user got to the error.

Dometrain Courses


Want to learn Docker? My Docker course will teach you everything you need to know! From what containers and images are; to how to build your own; to security and networking; docker-compose; and much more!


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News items and dev picks

Here are my dev picks this month…

  • LINQPad 8 is now available - If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of LINQPad. I even had the author on the show in episode 11 of the podcast. I’ve also done an intro to LINQPad YouTube video. There’s a new version now out with a bunch of new features!

  • Aspire plugin for Rider - Aspire is still on my list of things to play with - but really good to know there’s a Rider plugin - and amazing that it can show OTel data!

  • Cron has been renamed to Notion Calendar - I’m a huge fan of the Cron (I mean Notion) calendar. It uses other calendars as the backend (I use Google Calendar), but provides an amazing GUI ontop of it - making it super-easy to do more advanced changes, which really helps if you do time blocking. It recently got bought out by Notion, and has even more recently been renamed to Notion Calendar.

  • When "Everything" Becomes Too Much: The npm Package Chaos of 2024 - I really shouldn’t laugh, but this is hilarious. Basically someone created a npm package called ‘Everything’, which references all other packages. Anyone downloading it quickly filled their hard drives. Even more - because package authors can’t unpublish their packages if another package depends on it - this made all packages unpublishable!

Dev Comic pick of the month


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