Newsletter 010 - Feb 2024

Feb 29th 2024

Hi everyone! 👋 

Great news! My Kubernetes course is now complete and has been handed over to Nick! He watched it and gave me absolutely amazing feedback and said it would go out in the next week or two! 🎉 That was the scary bit… the period between handing over the work, and getting feedback! Once it’s out, I’ll send out an out-of-usual-schedule email with details.

If you’re interested in learning about Kubernetes and want to get the course - remember that knowledge of Docker, images, and containers is a pre-requisite. If you’re new to containers - then check out my other course, From Zero to Hero: Docker for Developers first, which I created last year.

The Podcast 🎙

There was just one episode released this month, and it was a big one!!!…

I was honoured to be joined by Scott Hunter, Mads Torgersen, and Dan Roth! All in the same episode! I had serious imposter syndrome in that call! 😂 Was an amazing conversation though! We chatted about Blazor, C#12 interceptors, C#13, C#36 (you have to listen 😉), AOT, Stephen Toub's performance blog posts, and more!

The next episode out will be with James Eastham, where we chatted about .NET in AWS and serverless. Also, a bit of Rust and Kubernetes chat was thrown in for good measure! This will be out in the next week or so.

Remember to click subscribe in your favourite podcast app. The links can be found on the podcast website.

Also, remember that we have a Discord community for the podcast!…

Podcast Discord community

.NET Oxford

We had our quarterly .NET Oxford lightning talk event this month, and it was great fun! It helped that for once I wasn’t driving, so was able to take advantage of the beverages that our awesome sponsors, Corriculo Recruitment provide! (They also pay for the venue and food too - amazing sponsors, a huge thank you to them! 🙏).

John Parkin, one of our very long-term regulars who quite often does our photography, took some great photos, which can be found here…

Here’s one of me doing a talk on “Kubernetes in 15 minutes”, where I got some audience members up with string to act as a human diagram 😂 

Dometrain Courses


Want to learn Docker? My Docker course will teach you everything you need to know! From what containers and images are; to how to build your own; to security and networking; docker-compose; and much more!


(coming VERY soon!) (see details in the opening paragraphs of this newsletter)

News items and dev picks

Here are my dev picks this month…

  • Sudo for Windows! - If you’ve even touched a Linux shell, you’ve probably heard of the sudo command. You prefix your CLI command with it to give your command elevated privileges. Well, they’ve now added the same for Windows! It’s an open-source project too!

  • EFCore Query Plan Visualizer for Visual Studio - Investigating SQL performance issues is never fun. Being able to visualise execution plans can help if you’re in SSMS. But when working with EF, you’re even more abstracted away from what’s going on, so it’s more tricky. This VS extension by Giorgi Dalakishvili allows you to hover over your EF queries and visualise the query plans for those queries!

  • JetBrains Rider’s .NET Aspire Plugin - I’ve still not had chance to play with Aspire yet, as I’ve been focusing on the course. Now that I’ve finished it, I really need to find time to have a play! And being an avid Rider user, it’s awesome to hear that there’s a plugin for it! 👏

  • JetBrains Rider 2024.1 EAP goodness! - I’ve linked to the releases page there because there are some great features spread out over a few of the different 2024.1 EAP versions. Things like hot reload improvements; a new collection visualiser that looks very useful; sticky lines in the editor (something VsCode has which is really handy); a new monitoring tool window; and plenty more!

  • Dumpify! - I’m a HUGE fan of LINQPad (I even had the author on the podcast a few years back (link)). One of the awesome things about it is the Dump command, which visualises your objects in a really powerful way. Well, this nuget package adds that functionality to your .NET console apps! (shout out to the Modern .NET Show’s Discord, as this got mentioned there, which is where I heard it).

Dev Comic pick of the month

This one was sent to me by my mum! I have a cat (called Scratch, yes, after the programming thing!). This scenario happens quite often at the dinner table - thankfully in my office, he has his own chair, so I don’t have to share my Herman Miller chair! 😂

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