Newsletter 011 - March and April 2024

April 30th 2024

Hi everyone! 👋 

This edition is a double-edition covering both March and April. This was because I was fortunate enough to be in sunny Australia for three weeks, so didn’t get the chance to write one for March! 🙈 🦘🌞 I say sunny - but actually the first week it poured it down with rain! 😲🌧️ Was quite frustrating and the weather reports didn’t suggest it was going to get much better! Thankfully though, it did turn around and we saw some amazing weather too! 😊 It’s such a fantastic country - if you haven’t been and get the opportunity to go - I’d highly recommend going.

I also want to say a big thanks to Dee Dee Walsh for sharing this newsletter on the .NET Foundation LinkedIn page 🙏 Shares on social media make a huge difference in raising awareness of the newsletter 😊

Table of Contents

The Podcast 🎙

Because I’ve been away, we only had one episode in the March/April period. In it, I was joined by James Eastham and we chatted about .NET in AWS and serverless. Also, a bit of Rust and Kubernetes chat was thrown in for good measure!

I’ve also just recorded the next episode- which was a bit different! This weekend just gone, I attended the DDD SouthWest Conference, and we did a live recording with an audience! There was a group of 8 conference speakers on a panel at the front, and we discussed various topics, allowing audience members to ask questions to the panel. It worked really well. This should get published over the next week. A massive thank you to all the panel members, from left-to-right in the picture - Andrew Poole, Anna-Maria Wykes, John Kilminster, Rachel Breeze, Poornima Nayar, Simon Painter, Kevlin Henney. Also a huge thanks to Carl Sargunar for making this happen! 🙏 He’s one of the event organisers, and I only suggested doing this the Monday before the event! 😄

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Also, remember that we have a Discord community for the podcast!…

Podcast Discord community

My Dometrain Courses

Below are details of my Dometrain courses. If you’re super-quick (as in today!), there’s a huge Dometrain birthday discount on all the courses…

👉 “Until the 30th of April, use code BIRTHDAY40 for 40% off any course, BIRTHDAY20 for 20% off any bundle and BIRTHDAY15 for 15% off your first year of Dometrain Pro”

If you’re reading this after that promo has ended, you can use DANKUBE for 20% off.

Docker for Developers

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Docker and containers. From what containers and images are; to how to build your own; to security and networking; docker-compose; and much more!

Kubernetes for Developers

Once you understand Docker, containers, images, etc - it’s time to move onto the next level and learn a container orchestrator - and Kubernetes has clearly won the battle here! My Kubernetes course is rammed packed full of demos (pretty much all the way through), which are easy to follow along with downloadable YAML files and scripts. We start with the basics, then later move onto more advanced topics like services meshes and operators.

📰 News items and dev picks

Here are my dev picks this month…

Dev Comic pick of the month

Thanks to Nick Cosentino for sharing this month’s comic pick on Threads. I’m sure we can all relate to this one! 😂

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